Fredericksburg's Punch Brother On Leno

Fredericksburg's Chris Eldridge was on Jay Leno Wednesday night with the rest of the Punch Brothers to promote their new album "Who's Feeling Young Now."

If you missed it, then check out this video of the Punch Brothers performing on Jay Leno Wednesday night. The video is significant only because the guitar player for the group is Fredericksburgian Chris Eldridge.

Their new album "Who's Feeling Young Now" came out Tuesday and I have a copy of it (actually got one before the official release date) and it's quickly becoming one of the most-played records I own, and I am not even that big of a fan for this genre of music.

By far my favorite song on this record is their cover of the Radiohead tune "Kid A." I love when bands take a cover and make it their own and the Punch Brothers truly blow me away with their version of this classic.

Rolling Stone Magazine gave it 3.5 stars with its review.


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