Unique Artwork Abounds in Fredericksburg

Artists branch out to show their creativity.

Downtown artists showed more than just watercolors and acrylics during October's First Friday. From 3D work, to a unique perspective in photography, to artwork on old lockers - creativity abounded. 

Brooke Pointe teacher Cheryl Crane started painting angels after 9/11. Ever since then, angles just appear in her work.  “Sometimes it’s subconscious,” she said, “and everyone needed an angel after 9/11.” 

Recently, she’s been exploring work with the tree of life, and how it connects to the spiritual realm, but also grounds us.  “I try to show that spiritual realm through my painting,” she said. 

Crane began studying chakras, and interpreting the different levels in her work. Crane’s art can be seen at the Jackson Street Lofts throughout October. 

At the Fredericksburg Center for Creative Arts, Maura Harrison hosted a show entitled “Exit the Edge.” The exhibit consists of her collage photography work, where she manipulates the photographs to extend over normal boundaries. 

“I start with a core photograph, and then explore avenues of departure to create a piece,” Harrison said. 

Some pieces have as many as six photographs wrapped into one in order complete the work. With five children, Harrison finds time to take pictures on their outings. “I always have a camera with me,” she said. “I take pictures of whatever interests me and then play and experiment with them later.”

Harrison began producing work in 1999 with her own dark room, and is very happy with the technological advances since then. “With everything being digital, it allows me to be creative when I have time,” she laughed. “I can be interrupted and not lose my work. I can sneak-in my creativity.” 

More creativity can be found at Fredericksburg’s 3D gallery, Artful Dimensions. Artist Ben Childers has featured fused glass work this month. The creation of the glass pieces is a process, often taking Childers months to create a piece. From the creating, shaping, molding, firing and cooling, the process is an art in itself. 

“I wanted to have fun with this show,” he said. “I moved away from the sleek, smooth style to some texture and whimsical pieces.”

Along with some textured stylistic pieces, Childers created glass food and knives, as well as some Fall inspired art. The most whimsical piece was an idea of his son’s. It involves a plaster hand next to a bloodied glass cleaver - just in time for Halloween. 

A large crowd attended the grand opening of Weadon Studio and Fine Art this First Friday. The new gallery aims to bring in outside artists to display work alongside local artists. David Weadon, a local portrait photographer, opened up his large studio space to hang and display the many types of art. 

“There’s so much space here, and room to move around,” he said. “It’s perfect for an art gallery.” 

Artists from New York, Maryland, D.C., Virginia and more showed work at the grand opening. Their work will be available throughout the month. 

“We’re looking to be a good alternative to the local artists downtown. We have good DJ’s and we stay open late,” Weadon said. “We want the party feel within an art gallery.” 

Weadon’s gallery features large paintings, 3D work and a short film of 1950s style boxing directed and created by artist J Coleman. 


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