Scent Chips Owner Closing Shop To Return To Brazil

Valeria Marchiselli said she plans to close Scent Chips on Caroline Street at the end of this month so she and her husband can open a Scent Chips factory in Brazil. She is looking for a business owner to take over the downtown store.

Scent Chips in downtown Fredericksburg will close at the end of this month unless a business owner can take over the two-year business.

“Our lease expires in March and in March we are going to Brazil, so it makes sense to close down at the end of this month," said Valeria Marchiselli, the owner.

Scent Chips, which sells waxy scented chips and burners, opened at 815 Caroline St. in February 2010.

"We just fell in love with the product," Marchiselli said.

She likes the product so much that she and her husband are returning to Brazil to buy the rights and make Scent Chips. Marchiselli said that even though the economy has been poor, she has pulled a profit each year in business.

"That is what I would love to see: someone to take over the store. I do have a lot of repeat customers," she said.

A box of Scent Chips cost about $11 and there are dozens of different "flavors" or "scents." The store also sells different burners that can melt the chips so the perfume carries throughout the home.

Anyone who has interest in taking over the business should call 540-310-0001.



I order from the factory in Texas.


Even after 30 years they are still hand made in texas.


There is already scent chips in Europe, asia and Australia.


She is from Brazil


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