City News Roundup: July 20, 2011

Amelia Square redevelopment is how far off? - Cameraman catches drunk driver - Motorcycle ride benefits SPCA - Civil War history hits the road - Pictures of infants.

  • Amelia Square Redevelopment A Ways Off; The Free Lance Star - Jud Honaker tells FLS business reporter Bill Freehling that it could be at least four months until something new rises from the rubble of the recently demolished Fredericksburg Hardware building. When something is built there,
  • Photojournalist's Video Leads to Guilty Plea in Stafford DUI Case; WUSA 9 News - 9 News photographer Kurt Brooks was called to court in Stafford County yesterday as a key witness in a drunk driving case. While commuting home in March, Brooks videotaped a man he believed to be driving drunk, and helped police locate the suspect. That video ended up being critical to landing a conviction for the 57-year-old suspect. 


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