Pot Hole Repair, Paving Through Friday

VDOT reports there will be lane closures and brief delays.

Although River Road and a portion of Route 1 north in Stafford County remain closed because of high water, VDOT will resume the Chatham Bridge concrete repairs today.

Crews will also be patching and paving on Route 3 east between Ferry Road and the Blue and Gray Parkway in Stafford, and on Harrison Road at Salem Church in Spotsylvania County.  These areas were milled out prior to the storm. Crews will repair any potholes that formed because of the heavy rain, before paving can occur. 

Motorists should expect lane closures and brief delays in these locations throughout the day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

Work will continue during the daylight hours each day through November 2, weather permitting.

For the latest lane closure information anywhere in Virginia call 511, visit www.511virginia.org.

VDOT Fredericksburg provided this information.

Unknown Sender November 01, 2012 at 07:29 AM
im sure by now we've all heard the jokes that what VDOT removed from the Rt3 bridge, they are using to repair the Falmouth bridge with. funny enough. now im no bridge engineer, but what isnt funny is that the Rt3 bridge just went through this same process about what.... 3 years ago?? if that! So, bare with me for some more hilarity.... 1. man has been making cement for 1000s of years. its not that hard (pun intended). so i defy anyone to show me where potholes are not put in as VDOT job security. 2. the reports that the country is out of the depression and jobless count is down is balogna! if that were true, then wed see 15 guys on the Rt3 bridge standing around watching one actually doing somehing. 3. this cant be a budget, tax, or funding problem.... money is printed everyday and is only made to spend. so if a pothole can be patched in 30 mins or less with todays technology, how long has the Rt3 bridge been at this status? how many weeks? i lost count already! (didnt nazi va have a surplus recently??) 4. dont tell me this is weather related, because if we needed a podeum for those two losers (one of which were about to elect) to come to rednecksburg and spout their political BS, dont think for a minute it wouldnt be built in a storm. hurricane not withstanding! now ive lit into the lighter side here pretty good. id like to see the official "runaround bs' reason for why the bridge wasnt fixed, paved, whatever, the very next day after it was destroyed.


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