Storm Preparation Checklist: 13 Reminders

No matter what kind of storm comes our way, this list of tips will help you prepare for and recover from significant weather events.

A tornado in April 2013.  Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. The June 29, 2012, Derecho.  The Fredericksburg area has been hit by a series of major storms.  We should be experts at preparing.  But just in case, here's a list of 13 reminders.

  • Charge your electronic devices, including cell phones, laptops and eBook readers.
  • Forgo candles.  They're a huge fire hazard.  Instead, purchase flashlights and lanterns and batteries to run them.  You may even want to consider self-powered, hand crank lanterns.
  • Pull out your large cooler and buy a bag of ice to store in your freezer.  If your power goes out, you'll have somewhere to store food for a short time. Don’t' wait and see.  Stores quickly sell-out of supplies once the power is out.
  • Fill you car with fuel.  If the power goes out, so do the pumps and the cash registers.
  • Have cash on hand.  ATMs won't work without power.
  • Check your prescriptions and required medical devices to ensure you have what you need to get you through the potential of several days recovery from a weather event.
  • Input all your important telephone numbers and emails into your smart phone.  You won't have to hunt for them later.
  • Stock up on water to drink.  Fill your bathtub with water to be used for pets and household needs.
  • Keep grocery shopping to a minimum, in case of outages.  Buy mainly non-perishable items to see you through 72 hours, as recommended by FEMA.  Don't forget pet food.
  • Clear leaves from gutters and storm drains to improve water flow.
  • Secure items outside your home, including planters, children's toys, bird feeders, patio furniture, garbage cans ... anything that could become a missile in high winds.
  • Check on neighbors who may need your help preparing for and coming through the storm.

Do you have another tip?  Tell us in the comments section below.

For more information, refer to the Storm Central Hub with Fredericksburg area weather forecasts and information to prepare for and resolve storm related situations. Check back for updates.

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