Video: 500 Feet Above the Rappahannock

RC plane enthusiast creates stunning aerial videos of flooded river.

Treat yourself to some amazing views of the Rappahannock River and the surrounding Fredericksburg area with these stunning aerial videos. 

These videos were filmed by YouTube user AllenAJS back in March. Each video was shot using an electric motored radio control airplane with a small video camera strapped to its left wing. According to the descriptions, they were all uploaded on March 11, but no date is provided for the flights themselves. However, based on the date of the videos, I wouldn't be surprised if they were shot and uploaded on the same day.

There are three videos to explore. This one shows the Rappahannock River along Riverside Drive with a flight launched from Riverside park. This video begins with a launch from Riverside Park on Sophia Street and provides excellent views of downtown Fredericksburg along Sophia and Caroline streets. This video shows a flight from Cosner's Park, and shows the swollen river along with some subdivision housing in Fredericksburg.

Happy flying. 


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