Going Green: Journals From Junk at Artful Dimensions

Recycling gets a unique makeover in this two-session course.

We're Going Green at Patch (we've always been green, I guess). But we're going to be highlighting great, creative, local ways for you to help our environment in Fredericksburg.

Like "Journals From Junk" at Artful Dimensions. Shredding paper works and throwing it in the recycling bin is helpful, but here's a great example of a way to reduce your trash by un-trashing it.

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From the event listing at the Patch calendar:

In this class we will use discarded books, cereal boxes, papers form the recycle bin, junk mail, used security envelopes and paper bags along with papers that you design yourself using paint, paste and collage techniques.  From this assortment of supplies you will create a NEW special journal/book to be used for whatever you choose.

You will stitch your new groups of pages into your journal using needles and sturdy twine to create your unique journal.

Instructor will provide a selection of disassembled books and a class pile of found papers will be created for all to share.

Class supply list will be provided when registering with instructor.
Student must contact instructor to arrange specific date and class time based on the schedule of both student and instructor. (2-3 hour sessions).

Get more info at the Patch event listing.


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