Josh Hardy Leaves ICU, Mom Thanks Supporters

National campaign had helped convince drug company to release medicine to treat Josh's rare illness.

@SaveJoshHardy on Facebook
@SaveJoshHardy on Facebook

Josh Hardy, the 7-year-old boy fighting a rare bacterial infection, has left ICU after more than a week of treatment with an experimental drug. The drug company, Chimerix, had refused for days to grant him access to the medicine, but worked with the FDA to establish a new drug trial to provide the drug.

In a message shared at the Facebook page Save Josh Hardy, Aimee Hardy, Josh's mom, thanked supporters. She said Josh had moved out of the ICU and that his health was improving.  

"We are still waiting for Josh's kidney function to return but we are definitely on the right path," Aimee Hardy wrote in the message. "Josh has made tremendous strides in the last week. "


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