Ah, The Joy of a Virtual Yard Sale!

Virtual yard sales abound on Facebook. There are several for people in the Fredericksburg area.

I'm a Facebook addict, I admit it.  Ever since I first created my account I've been hooked.  Since I'm a work-at-home mommy and I don't get out much, Facebook is my primary source of information about the big world outside my door.  Maybe that's not always a good thing, but so far it's working for me.

I joined several groups that are based here in Fredericksburg.  They are groups for online yard sales.  Imagine a group of people, anywhere from 700 to almost 3,000 people, who buy and sell stuff.  What kind of stuff?  Well, all kinds of stuff.  Lots and lots of shoes and purses.  I'm not much of a fashionista - I wore the same pair of fake plastic Crocs-type shoes for two years until the soles finally wore through - but some of the shoes are really, really nice.  Kids shoes, women's shoes, work shoes, hot date on a Saturday night shoes.  What else?  Toys, video games, baby clothes, booster chairs, power tools, and something called Scentsy warmers.  Before I joined the yard sale groups, I had no idea what a Scentsy warmer is.  It is some sort of warmer that smells nice.  At least the name is fairly self-explanatory.

So I'm on all these groups and they move so fast.  People are posting items for sale 24/7.  And you have to be quick mind you.  If you see something you like you have to post a reply within seconds sometimes or it is snatched out from under you.  First write, first dibs on the item.  So far I've had three successful transactions.  Sold two things, bought one.  There are hazards to participating.  You can have someone no-show when you are supposed to meet up.  You can have someone try to offer you a lower price than agreed upon beforehand or they can be selling a fake Coach bag.  But overall it's pretty cool.  The members of the groups even have meetups on, say Saturday morning.  That way they can exchange items in an ordered manner and also sell other stuff.  I know one lady brings fresh organic eggs from her own chickens.  I haven't been to a big meetup yet but I'd like to go and see some more of the folks in person. 

So, where are these groups?  Am I just going to tease you or am I going to give you the links?  Well, okay, I'll give you the links.  Just tell the admin I sent you.  That won't get you approved, mind you, because I'm like nobody special, but do it anyway.  Maybe someone will give me a discount on a Baby Einstein video....

Here are links to the different groups:

Fredericksburg Online Yard Sale:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/219378898137705/

Spotsylvania Co / Surrounding Virtual Yardsale:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/Spotsylvaniaco.SurroundingVirtualYardsale/

Fredericksburg, Stafford, and Spotsylvania Virtual Consignment:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/342020739151175/

I think the first group is an open the group and the other two are closed.  You'll have to be approved so it's not my fault if you're not :).  I'm just sayin'.

Now, you have to promise to not blame me if you get onto these groups and become obsessed with them and buy lots of stuff.  It's not my fault.  But be sure to check out the cute little dresses and shorts....

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