Find Your Fitness Personality

You see them in the gym, on the road, in the parks and at home.  People of all ages, shapes and sizes are running, stretching, lifting, and sweating with one goal in common: they are all doing their best to stay in shape and enjoy a healthier life. 

That may be the goal, but not everyone gets there the same way.

When it comes to making exercise a regular part of your life, you need to find a type and style of exercise you enjoy.  The best exercise routine depends on your “fitness personality.”  You won’t commit to staying fit if the workout doesn’t work with your lifestyle.  So, what works for you?  These five fitness personality profiles can help you find your perfect exercise routine.


This person thrives in social settings and “plays well with others.”  When it comes to a workout, the social experience is just as important as staying in shape.  The socialite’s motivation comes from being around other people.  In other words, it is important to have fun with others while breaking a sweat.  If this sounds like you, a successful exercise plan will include organized exercise classes.  It can be anything from a cardio class, to riding bicycles, or belly dancing.  Gyms, community centers, and other organizations offer a long list of classes. The exercise class will keep you in shape, and the class regulars will soon become part of your ever-widening social circle.


The competitor also likes getting other people involved in a good workout.  But in this case, the joy comes from competition, not socialization.  This person feels challenged if he or she sees someone moving at a faster pace on the treadmill next to them.  Races and competitions are a natural outlet for this person.  If competition is in your blood, sign up for team sports.  They can be anything from soccer to basketball or hockey.  You can find adult leagues for all ages just about everywhere.  Not a team player?  Find a regular tennis opponent. Sign up for a 5K race or marathon.  As long as you enjoy the thrill of battling an opponent, this workout is perfect for you. 


Forget crowded gyms.  The independent warrior enjoys quiet, solo activities.  This person is results-driven and takes pride in reaching his or her goals.  There’s more to this person’s fitness routine than a healthy work out.  The independent warrior enjoys the chance to get away, escape the cell phone and clear the mind.  That’s why he or she enjoys things like long-distance running, hiking and biking.  If you are an independent warrior, sign up for events like a 5K walk/run or a marathon.  You may also be more successful with your fitness goals if you keep a workout journal to monitor your progress.


There’s nothing this person won’t try when it comes to exercise and good health.  These thrill-seekers are drawn to activities and surroundings that are fun, exciting, and spontaneous.  Nothing can be stagnant or routine for this fitness fan.  The adventurer is not afraid to take risks and face a challenge.  Formal exercise programs are not the best thing in the world for the adventurer.  If you fall into this category, try experimenting with outdoor activities like mountain biking in summer and cross-country skiing in winter.  Indoor activities like kickboxing or high-energy dance classes work just as well.


This exercise lover is driven, self-motivated, and goal-oriented.  Committed and consistent, this person likes to use machines, heart rate monitors, and other tools to track his or her progress.  You may also see the disciplinarian using personal trainers to design specific exercise routines for the best fitness results.  Regular daily exercise is second nature to this person.  If this sounds like you, your workout regime can include cardio work outs, weight training, interval training, and even the martial arts.

Whichever fitness personality fits you, make sure that your exercise routines are enjoyable.  If you choose an exercise program that fits your personality, you are more likely to stay with it for years to come.

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