Halloween Treat X-Rays Provided by Spotsy, Stafford Sheriff Departments

Law enforcement agencies are also providing increased neighbor patrol for Halloween trick-or-treating.

Halloween Pumpkins.  Photo by Susan Larson.
Halloween Pumpkins. Photo by Susan Larson.
The Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office and the Stafford County Sheriff's Office will both provide free X-rays of any Halloween candy or food items parents may want checked. 

The X-ray only detects metallic objects hidden within an item and does not detect wood or foreign substances, both law enforcement agencies said.

Spotsylvania deputies will be on X-ray duty in the lobby of the General District Courts, 9111 Courthouse Rd.

Stafford deputies will X-ray from 5 - 9 p.m. at the public safety building, 1225 Courthouse Rd.

Sheriff Harris also assigned several additional units -- including bike patrol deputies, traffic division units and special details -- to supplement the Patrol and Criminal Investigative Divisions’ regular duties on October 31.

Additional deputies will also be patrolling Stafford County neighborhoods throughout the evening. “We will have a visible presence in our community on Halloween,” Sheriff Charles Jett said in the press release.

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