License Plates Stolen from Car in VRE Lot

VRE, police involved in "ongoing efforts" to curb crime in Fredericksburg's commuter rail parking lots.

VRE. Photo by Susan Larson.
VRE. Photo by Susan Larson.
A commuter who had parked his car in the VRE lot at 399 Prince Edward St. reported to police the license plates were stolen from his vehicle sometime January 10 or 11. 

"There are no suspects or witnesses at this time," said Natatia Bledsoe, Fredericksburg Police public information officer.

Vandalism in Fredericksburg's VRE lots has been an ongoing problem

VRE Deputy CEO Rich Dalton is aware of the crime in Fredericksburg lots.  "We are in contact and working with state and local police in ongoing efforts to catch the perpetrators and curb the crime," Dalton told Fredericksburg Patch.  "We have countermeasures in place."

Fredericksburg Police arrested two 17-year-old males -- one in October 2013 and one in December 2013 -- in connection with destruction of property and vehicle tampering in VRE lots.

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