Officers Investigating Large Fight Reported in Walmart Parking Lot

Reports said that a fight broke out in the parking lot early Friday morning and sent someone to the hospital.

The City of Fredericksburg police department is investigating an alleged fight at 1:20 a.m. on Friday in the parking lot of the Walmart at 1800 Carl D. Silver Pkwy.

According to the police blotter, officers responded to a report of a large group of young adults and teenagers fighting.

"When police arrived, a number of individuals who were reportedly involved in the fight had already fled the scene," said a release from the police department. "Officers found one male subject, a 25-year-old Spotsylvania resident, who stated that he and friends were hanging out in the parking lot when a fight broke out between his group and another group who were armed with baseball bats and a crowbar."

This subject’s car had been allegedly "damaged during the altercation and a crowbar was found still impaled through the windshield," said police. 

"One of this subject’s friends reported that he had been struck in the torso with the crowbar but he denied the need for medical treatment," said the police. "Another involved vehicle was discovered in the parking lot with all of its windows broken, but the owner of this vehicle left the area at some point during the fight." 

"Officers also received several reports from witnesses and those involved in the fight that one male victim had been struck repeatedly in the head with a baseball bat. This male, a 20-year-old Stafford resident, was later discovered at the Mary Washington Hospital emergency department with significant injuries to his head and arms and cuts and bruising all over his body."

Police reports said that the victim was interviewed at the hospital and said that he was at Walmart with "his girlfriend and two other friends and they were attacked in the parking lot by three male subjects, one of whom was armed with the bat."

City of Fredericksburg Police said that at least a dozen potential suspects and/or involved parties have been identified, but officers and detectives are still gathering information. 

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Editor's Note: The above information was provided by the City of Fredericksburg police. 

Jason Atkinson September 07, 2012 at 07:57 PM
I could rant about how terrible this is...but I guess I will go back to my comment every time there is a shooting. At least there were no guns involved. Luckily no one was killed from the weapons that were used. So many people just have a general disrespect for the life of others, and think these sort of things are OK, it's utterly ridiculous.


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