Washington Post Takes 'Second Glance' at Fredericksburg Fire Station

Firefighters Dickinson and Mullins were taking a break and it led to a puzzle.

Fredericksburg Fire Department. File photo by Susan Larson.
Fredericksburg Fire Department. File photo by Susan Larson.
Crew members Sgt. Shane Dickinson and Firefighter Adam Mullins were taking a break outside Fredericksburg Fire Station 1 in August when a passerby asked if he could take their picture.

That someone was Washington Post photographer David C. Kennedy.

"He said an article would probably appear in the paper in several months," said Deputy Fire Chief Mike Jones.  "I was contacted and asked to identify the firefighters and I really didn’t think any more of it."

Jones didn't think anymore of it until the morning of Jan. 12, when he was told to check out the magazine section of Sunday's Post.

There was the photo, now the Second Glance puzzle for the week.

"We all had fun trying to find the 12 items that were changed by photoshopping the picture," Jones said.

Sometimes it's just about being in the right place at the right time.

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