Drainage Drama: Resident Calling for Stormwater Repairs in Spotsylvania

Zoraida Santiago makes her case that Spotsylvania County and VDOT aren't taking responsibility for stormwater repairs. Do you agree?

Photo by Zoraida Santiago
Photo by Zoraida Santiago
Zoraida Santiago reached out on the Fredericksburg Patch Facebook page this week regarding an issue that has been a struggle for her with Spotsylvania County and VDOT. Here is the story in her own words:

I have lived in my home for 24 years. Since then, I have been losing my front lawn, and now my driveway is collapsing.  I have contacted Spotsylvania County and VDOT for their assistance in this matter. I have been told that they are not responsible for digging out the 2 drainage pipes located under my driveway. When I suggested that I would just have dirt delivered to fill in my from lawn, they said I was not allowed to do that. They insisted that I had to pay for the placement of 2 new drainage pipes, in excess of $5000!  So... they are not responsible for the upkeep of their pipes, but I am not allowed to replace the dirt that has eroded over time!!  Whenever it rains, the trash from the neighborhood ends up clogging my driveway, causing my front lawn and driveway to be washed away. It has also lead to flooding in my basement. Less than a year ago, I paid over $900 for rocks to be delivered and spread on my driveway, as well as placing several beams in an attempt to salvage my driveway.  

I am at a loss. I'm 53 years old and disabled. I am not physically able to go outside and dig out those drainage pipes. I feel the county is taking advantage that I am a single female, and are not taking any responsibility for their ditch....a ditch they are forcing me to have. A ditch that soon will collapse my driveway!!  I have paid children in the neighborhood to clean out as much as possible, but the pipes are huge and it is dangerous. I need someone to contact the county and see if they will do what they need to do to resolve this matter.

What do you think of Zoraida's situation? Are Spotsylvania County and VDOT responsible for these stormwater repairs? Let us know in the comments section below.

fairviewbum June 28, 2014 at 11:43 AM
VDOT never takes the responsibility for anything, I had just as soon deal with a 2 year old.


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