Dudenhefer: Romney Winning Virginia 'Important'

Del. Mark Dudenhefer shares perspective on the Republican National Convention from Florida.

The following is an unedited email from (R-2) sent Wednesday night. Dudenhefer is at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. and has been periodically checking in with Patch during the convention.  

"Hello from Tampa, Florida!  It has been an interesting day thus far.  Speaker John Boehner came by to speak with the Virginia Delegation earlier.  While he shared some fun stories and a few jokes, he stressed how important winning Virginia for Governor Romney would be.

I hope all of you were able to view the excitement live last night at home.  Ann Romney was on the mark when she spoke about women and families in America.  Governor Christie, wow he can electrify a room.  Being there to see him deliver the keynote was beyond compare.

After the speeches we were all having a tough time getting home.  Some Delegations did not get home until 3:00am.  I hope the logistic getting back tonight will be a bit better for all of us, but we are a resolved and dedicated bunch.  We’ll continue to press on!"

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Anne August 30, 2012 at 10:56 PM
Wow, Let the BS begin. I listened to a few of the things said by Ryan last night and have to tell you there were a few tall tales told by him. Is this what we can expect from Catholic Christians? From Christians who are Mormon? Is it okay for Mitt to joke about the birthers? The fact that he would not be asked for his birth certificate because they all know he was born here? And that he is a white male doesn't help huh? I find little fault with Mitt but find all kinds of credibility issues with his running mate Paul Ryan. I am concerned with the Rape and Abortion issues. And no offense but what does Ann Romney know about struggles about enough food, clothes, heat, water, a car so you can work? Nothing. That means I really don't care about what the wives of the ultra rich have to say. They can't influence me at all.
J Williams August 31, 2012 at 03:39 AM
In your dreams. These snobs can not identify wihe the average american
1Ronald August 31, 2012 at 11:15 AM
Looks like Dude' is one of the problems in Richmond. How much longer, Dude'? Hey, Dude' what do you mean when you say, "I hope all of you were able to view the excitement live last night at home." Can't be talking about those Tampa strip clubs that were gearing up for you folks. Right? Hey! They can’t be expected to be cooped up in the convention center talking traditional family values ALL DAY, can they? Everyone deserves the chance to blow off a little steam… and what better place to do it than at a strip club! "Skin Tampa, a strip club located in the Florida city hosting the RNC, says that profit has D-D-DOUBLED since the conservative crowd came to town. The management sent the club's hottest ladies to the convention to personally offer any attendees free admission and the advertising has paid off because business is booming." "If past conventions are any indicator, Republicans are likely to outspend Democrats heavily at topless bars and strip clubs, says Angelina Spencer. She heads the Association of Club Executives, an organization for the nation's 4,000 "gentleman's club" owners. The group talked to members in the host cities of past conventions." "When we compared spending," Spencer notes, "the average showed Republicans spending $150 per person at an adult club, versus Democrats, who averaged $50 a person."
1Ronald August 31, 2012 at 11:31 AM
And, on the "excitement" issue, let's not forget those "relgious folk." CNN.com reports in an on-line article, "Strippers look to GOP to 'make it rain' and states, "but at convention time, even upstanding men seem to seek out undressed women. When the Christian group Promise Keepers held a convention in Tampa a couple of years ago, attendees flooded the 2001 Odyssey, co-owner Jim Kleinhans recalls. They had such a good time that "they kept their promise to come back the next night." But not all in Tampa is exciting. The downside: Exotic dancing is rough on the physique, and the psyche. "I have bad knees and my hips are going out," says Go-Go, who is all of 23 and has the word "trouble" tattooed across her left hip. "Most of the guys are nice, but some of them are disrespectful. Some guys think that because we do this they can talk to us in a certain way." No surprise here.
Elizabeth Talbot September 01, 2012 at 01:44 PM
I'm sorry, but I don't relate to Ann Romney at all. She was lucky enough to marry a very rich dude with some powerful connections. So when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and multiple sclerosis, she could afford the best medical care and therapy horses. If she had been married to anyone else, or more precisely, a husband without the connections and the cash, she and her family would have been bankrupt or lost the house. Worse yet, if her family income had been low but not low enough to qualify for Medicaid, there is the possibility that she could be dead. This is what is happening in America right now. Since the governors don't want to expand Medicaid, or even cut back the rolls, a lot of people with serious illnesses will probably die. Those are the real "death panels."


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