Rep. Wittman: H.R. 8 Bad for Defense

Republican Rep. Rob Wittman said the bill "postpones sequestration, the disastrous defense cuts, for only two months."

Of Virginia's 11 representatives in Congress, only Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-11) voted Tuesday night for the Capitol Hill deal preventing the nation from going off the now infamous “fiscal cliff.” 

House members Rob Wittman (R-1), Scott Rigell (R-2), Bobby Scott (D-3), Randy Forbes (R-4), Robert Hurt (R-5), Bob Goodlatte (R-6), House Minority Leader Eric Cantor (R-7), Jim Moran (D-8), Morgan Griffith (R-9) and Frank Wolf (R-10) all voted against the measure.

Virginia Sens. Mark Warner and Jim Webb voted for the bill.

"I could not vote for this bill because it does nothing to reform our long-term spending problems, which are the real drivers of our debt and deficits," Rep. Wittman wrote in a statement on his website.  Wittman represents Fredericksburg.

"In addition, this bill postpones sequestration, the disastrous defense cuts, for only two months.  This creates even more uncertainty for our defense industry, which is so vital to the security of this nation," he said.

Final passage of H.R. 8, the American Taxpayer Relief Act, averted scheduled income tax rate increases and the spending reductions required by the sequestration process, according to a congressional summary of the measure.

Senator Warner said in a statement that the “negotiated agreement does little to address our deficits and it does not raise enough revenue to put our country on a path to reduce our long-term debt."

Connolly said the measure “was not a perfect package, but it is something that gets us by until we can tackle the larger issues in the next Congress.”

Complete results of the roll call vote on H.R. 8 are available here.

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Willard Sawyer January 03, 2013 at 02:25 PM
Notice that all but one of those voting no are Republican. Once again going on record that they favor the rich, although they try to disquise their true motives by saying the bill doesn't address spending to the degree they want. To see their true colors, watch how they all vote when the March deadline comes on funding the government. As all have done in the past, our Republican representatives will vote the "party" line and throw the government workforce and retirees under the bus. It's amazing how they say they are proud to represent the federal workers and retirees in their districts, but then continue to use the workforce as scapegoats.
1Ronald January 03, 2013 at 04:28 PM
Robert where was your head? "I could not vote for this bill because it does nothing to reform our long-term spending problems" and then "In addition, this bill... the disastrous defense cuts. Robert, the answer is NO military spending and ONLY defense spending. That means STAY OUT OF FOREIGN WARS and concern yourself ONLY with REAL (NOT IMAGINED) domestic threats. See Mark and Jim's vote, Robert. Why weren't you there? Robert, either you're part of the solution or you're (a major) part of the problem. And there's no mention of that $50 billion in annual foreign aid flushed down the drain of money we don't have and now must pay higher taxes on. Ron Paul would have ended this nonsense. But the corrupt American media portrayed Ron Paul to be "crazy" and the dumb electorate believed every thing they read and heard. It is true Ron Paul parroted the Republican mantra of abolishing EPA in favor of dirty air to breathe and dirty water to drink, and also FEMA because as "everyone knows" disasters ONLY happen in Florida. Duh? But Ron Paul would have been the answer to our $18+ trillion dollar debt, and growing higher. Not because of domestic spending but because we, as a nation, can't keep our noses out of every other country's business. So we continue to borrow from China until China owns us.
Daniella Serven January 03, 2013 at 07:15 PM
NO, sir they favor a balanced budget and commonsense. This is not the time to drastically cut defense! But it is the time to drastically cut programs that are wants not needs! Commonsense business skills here! You I assume are in favor of the democratic approach of bigger government and see the Republicans as a party favoring "rich" people! I do not see the Republicans in that light, and I am far from "rich". The Republican approach makes more sense and protects our country from those who would see more evil done here and abroad against our military and our people!
1Ronald January 04, 2013 at 03:30 AM
Again, I stated above that I fully support DEFENSE spending. I also support entitlements for the middle class and believe that American dollars should be spent on Americans--not to leaders of corrupt foreign regimes. We have a severely crumbling infrastructure with rotten underground plumbing nationwide, broken roads, and cracked bridges. Yet we're building brand new highways and bridges....in Afghanistan. Get a copy of the December 19th issue of STYLE WEEKLY--the publication of movers and shakers of Richmond, VA. Stare at, study, the front cover of the little girl walking down the state Capital building steps with the state police ordered to line up behind her as if they were the gestapo--with heavy bullet proof shields, body armor, helmets. To protect themselves from, yes, you're reading this correctly........women......... who were demonstrating for women's rights. And then tell me, that the reason behind this, the Virginia Republicans in the state legislature, shouldn't be voted out enmasse. What a shame they have brought to our great state!
1Ronald January 04, 2013 at 04:42 AM
You might also enjoy the article on page 9 of the same issue, "Santa Comes to Town--With an Assault Rifle." And page 24 showing Mara Hyman squaring off against "the enemy." Poignant examples of what happens when extremist religion gains control of a major political party and becomes the driving force of what happens to all of us. I mean no disrespect to the Virginia State Police. I'm sure that Colonel Steve Flaherty got a "do or die" from the Republican Virginia General Assembly and acted accordingly.


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