Snyder One of Seven Republicans Running for Lt. Governor

Pete Snyder served as chair of Mitt Romney's 2012 Virginia Victory campaign.

Tech entrepreneur Pete Snyder is running for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.

"I want to rein in the size and scope of government," Snyder said this week at Greenspring Retirement Community in Springfield. "When you look over the past 20 years, budgets in Richmond have grown by over 400 percent," he said. "The population of Virginia has only grown by 40 [percent]. Something is out of whack. So, I want to make it a goal to rein government in by 10 percent. That's not that audacious, but the career politicians and others will tell you it can't be done. And that's the problem."

Snyder, 40, a resident of Fairfax County's Belle Haven neighborhood, founded the social media marketing firm New Media Strategies in 1999.  After serving as chair of Mitt Romney's 2012 Virginia Victory campaign, he found himself depressed and couch-ridden in November.

It was Snyder's wife, Burson (deputy chief of staff to Republican U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri), who pushed him to enter politics. "She said: 'Where the heck is the guy that I married? Why don't you get off the couch and get off the sidelines and show some courage and actually get in the game?'" said Snyder. 

And being a Republican in Virginia took a hit after the election, said Snyder.

"After Nov. 6 there was a lot of talk about our party. 'Can it survive? How do we grow?' We're getting clobbered with Hispanics, we're getting clobbered with women, we're getting clobbered with African Americans," he said. "Is there any hope whatsoever? And the first thing coming out of the pundit's mouth was that we need to throw our principles away; we've got to contort ourselves into becoming some sort of Democrat-lite. 

"I'm sorry, folks. The last thing we need to do is throw out our conservative principles. We need to double down on them... Taking my brochure and putting it in Spanish isn't going to do a doggoned thing, but if we can talk to families about having your children trapped in schools that are failing and the only solution that government is providing is to shovel more money at it, and we can show a way to make an impact - that's how our party grows."

Snyder, a contributor to Fox News, faces competition in the race for lieutenant governor, from:

The final candidate for Republican Lt. Governor will not be chosen in a primary, but instead at a Republican State Convention in April.

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Daniel P. Cortez February 08, 2013 at 07:18 PM
Mr. Snyder's business acumen is one to be recognized and desired in a candidate from either political side. But his perception of Hispanic rationale for the severe lack of enthusisam for support of conservatives and their presentation is woefully off the mark. Mr. Snyder's suggestion of same sandwich different wrapper is another recipe for failure. Snyder's failure to address the historical insensitivies placed on well meaning immigrants who were "denied" assimilation and legal immigration processing is not the fault of the illegal but the fault our failed political infrastructure. This is not to suggest the illegal of two weeks ago should be lumped in the same basket with families of second and third generation Braceros who were persecuted and abused being forced in the shadows. Snyder's problem is that the majority of our Hispanic community knows our jaded history when it comes to immigration.....Snyder and his Republican and Tea Party extremists refuse to even have a dialogue over it. That will not only be his failure but the failure of Republicans who could save the direction of the nation but lack the compassion to reach out to a community where more serve in our armed forces defending our nation against all enemies foreign and domestic than many others. Sadly what we have learned is sometimes the enemy is our political self.
1Ronald February 08, 2013 at 11:13 PM
Mr. Snyder definitely knows WHAT but does he know WHY? And is he willing to act on the WHY? Mr. Snyder, your Republican controlled Va. Legislature has been passing umpteen laws against the people of the Commonwealth and locking up non-violent citizens, while manufacturing more felonies than any reasonable mind ever imagined. They treat women like they're chattel and don't want them to decide their own fate and control their own bodies. Remember when slavery was outlawed? And also, do you remember when it was male bragging rights, a sign of manhood, a badge of honor to be initiated by an older woman? Mr. Snyder, your Party is now locking them up, making them felons for life. Such foolishness has spawned books like, "Nailing Miss Crabtree: How to Become a REAL Teacher's Pet." And we're told "the religious people" who started this hate are now upset over the book. Mr. Snyder, you need to recall that it was US Senator Harry Byrd who once said, there are already too many laws. And Byrd was a conservative. What do you think we can call that bunch that's down there now?
1Ronald February 08, 2013 at 11:27 PM
And I'm shocked, astounded, that Jeannemarie Devolites is trying for a comeback. Readers might want to google her daughter, Ashley Devolites and read the AP article in the June 15, 2002 Free Lance Star on how she was sentenced 10 years for driving the getaway car (hey, it was registered to mom) in a string of 9 armed robberies in Virginia and New York. And that our Lt Gov. wannabe, Ms. Devolites, roundly criticized news reporters for probing into her life. Hopefully some of those news reporters are still around and can kick up some dust over this. But now Ms. Devolites is returning with her husband, Tom Davies', name. Maybe that will help people forget. If Ms. Devolites had paid more attention to being a mother and properly raising her daughter, maybe she could be taken seriously--instead of it being all about her.
Elizabeth Talbot February 09, 2013 at 01:29 PM
I can tell from the candidate's comments that he is not familiar with local conditions. He envisions that his party will become popular with Virginians if he can show them a way to escape "failing schools." Virginians, for the most part, are pleased with public schools, especially in the northern suburbs where he lives. While "failing schools" may be a popular theme for conservatives on the national level, it won't work in Virginia.


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