Cicadas 2013: They're Everywhere! Or Are They?

Submit your photos as the Cicada's continue their visit.

Truth be told, I (Susan) have yet to see a single cicada.  So I asked on Facebook, and more than 80 people responded within hours that they were seeing them everywhere.  Reports came from Summerduck, Caroline, Beaverdam, Amissville, Massaponax, Timberlake, Cosner's Corner, Aquia Harbor, the FBI Academy in Quantico ... 

They were noticeably present at the Univerisity of Mary Washington's outdoor graduation ceremonies, according to Pat Wilson. 

Other readers commented:

  • Courtney Janeski: They are all over my house... Hartwood
  • Jennifer Leigh Dodson: Infested in Salem Station, but my neighbors are not, yet.
  • Becki Bowling: They are all over my porch in Partlow.
  • Mike Yearsley: All over the UMW campus....and also in my back yard in Massaponax.
  • Kay Portmess: I have seen MANY on two trees on Plank Road near 613.
  • Shelley Nunnally Smith: All over our front yard! Holly Corner Rd. area! If you want them come and get them!
  • Trish Castaneda Upperco: At Lake Anna Winery on Saturday and at my house in Kingwood Subdivision.
  • Linda Hankle Kernisky: Stoneybrook Sub-Division, Spotsylvania. They are all over the place and still emerging!!
  • Jennifer Rivera: We have hundreds in our yard! Absolutely infested they are all over the side of the house and on every single leaf on our bushes! We are at plank and salem church.
  • Aron Keesecker: 100s just clinging to my brick on the front of my house by the mall.
  • Karin Payne Maas: Woke up Saturday morning to the tree in my front yard infested with hundreds of them. Not kidding! Nasty!
  • Johnny Bass: We have them all over our porch, Louisa, Virginia.
  • Paula Fines Macwelch: There are a few dead ones on my porch. thanks to my cats. ( :
  • Diana O'Connor Wallace: They are here in Orange. Yuck!
  • Lipscomb Dental Fredericksburg: Our assistant says that she has millions in Stafford.

What about you?  Share your cicada photos with us by clicking on the 'upload' button above! 

Some, like me, have seen ... none.

Dionne Mackey: I've not seen any. I'm pretty disappointed. Lee's Parke.

Courtney Hubbard: Have yet to see any in the city of Fredericksburg or in King George.

Tell us where you're seeing the cicadas this year in the comments section!

Known as the East Coast II brood, these cicadas  and several other states up through Connecticut. The result? A 7 kHz buzz filling the region as the cicadas try to attract mates.

If they behave typically, the cicadas will be around for four to six weeks. According to the Nature Conservancy, birds and other wildlife will have an ample source of food this year. In addition, the pruning of some trees these insects accomplish is actually good for local forests.

Want more pics? Check out these cicada photos!

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Bonita Stewart May 21, 2013 at 07:56 PM
Have a few in my yard on Smith Station Road, they are kind of silent, but can hear them loudly in the distance woods behind and in front of my house.
Morgan Halfhill May 22, 2013 at 04:54 AM
Are the cicadas going to reach northern Kentucky? If so when? Please and thank you!
Carmela CRESPO May 22, 2013 at 09:53 AM
A lot louder today; too bad I have to go to work!
Kip White May 27, 2013 at 05:48 PM
I am disappointed that I have seen none!! I am outside the beltway just off Braddock Road.
Washington area cyclist May 29, 2013 at 01:35 PM
For evolutionary reasons, each geographical area has only one large brood of periodical cicadas. Brood X emerged in 2004 and will re-emerge in 2021. If you saw and heard lots of cicadas in your area in 2004, you won't see or hear many this year. If you see and hear many Brood II cicadas in your area this year, you won't see and hear many from Brood X in 2021.


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