‘Smooch the Pooch’ and Share Some Love with the Fredericksburg SPCA

Valentine’s love is meant for our animal companions, too.

Nova in the 'Smooch the Pooch' kissing booth at Dog Krazy.  Photo courtesy of Nancy Guinn.
Nova in the 'Smooch the Pooch' kissing booth at Dog Krazy. Photo courtesy of Nancy Guinn.
The kissing booth returns to Dog Krazy in February, when local dog owners will supervise their human-friendly companions in providing puppy kisses for $1 each.  All proceeds will benefit the Fredericksburg Regional SPCA, a no-kill humane care center.

“I had that kissing booth built five years ago when we rescued the Bullmastiff pictured,” said Dog Krazy owner Nancy Guinn.

The dog's owners brought her to the vet and decided to euthanize her instead of paying for her needed ACL surgery, Guinn said.  “We took her in as a foster dog and held a fundraiser to pay for the surgery.  She raised over $1,000 giving kisses for donations.”

Nova is now an adopted member of the Guinn family.  “She was returned to us three times after three different adoptions,” Guinn said.  “She was perfect in our home, but a jerk in the three adoptive homes.  She let us know that she was meant to be with us!”

Since then, Guinn holds an annual “Smooch the Pooch” fundraiser for various animal rescues.

“We are looking for humans and human friendly dogs to sit in the booth in front of my shop on Feb. 15 and 16 and give kisses for donations,” Guinn said.  There are 15-minute time slots available.  If you’re interested in volunteering, contact Nancy at Dog Krazy, 307 William St., 540-373-4168.

Dog Krazy, the Fredericksburg Regional SPCA and Fredericksburg Patch are each on Facebook, too. 


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